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Pest Control Services

We specialize in interior and exterior pest control for residential, commercial and governmental structures. With our intergrated pest management solutions we help midigate or control a variety of different pests. Want to go green? We’ve got you covered with eco-friendly natural/organic options to prevent, control and humanely relocate larger nuisances.

Reoccurring or One-Time Services

Specified Treatments

Additional Services

Description of Reoccurring or One-Time Services


General Pest Control

Are you dealing with general pests such as ants in a bedroom or kitchen? Or maybe you’ve woken up to a giant roach on your wall, we have a service to take care of them all! This service will include interior and exterior treatments plus wasp nest and spider web removal.



Commercial Pest Control

Are you cooking up some delicious meals? Or manage a hotel with lots of guests? Then this service is for you! We offer specialized treatments tailored to your businesses needs with flexible scheduling to work around your operational hours including overnight. With this service you tell us when and how often is right for you!

Government Contracts

Governmental Pest Control

Attention! Government officials looking for a reliable and honest woman-owned company to handle your state facilities, Blessed Pest Control is it! We are actively seeking to work with our state officials and government employees to help keep your work space free of any pests that may be hindering your job or work life.


Green Eco-Friendly

Natural/Organic Solutions

We understand your care for the environment and respect not wanting chemicals in or around your home. We have solutions for your concerns.

Description of Specified & Additional Treatments


Termite Treatments

Have a certified technician come out for a free inspection. If in fact you do have termites, we offer the most competitive prices with quality treatments guaranteed to last for years to come with warranties for the majority of our treatments. 


WDI Reports

Realtors and home buyers rely on us! In order to buy a home in Texas a Wood Destroying Insect Report is a requirement for most real estate transactions, especially those looking to get a VA home loan. Don’t waste time if you have a sale in mind!

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Bigger than normal ants appearing around or in your structure? Are you finding wood shavings in a certain location of your home? This could be a carpenter ant infestation. Also labeled as wood destroying insects, these unique ants chew away where there is moist or decaying wood. This wood provides them a place to create their nests, sometimes this could include within your home or structure. We will help you to feel secure they won’t cause anymore damage.


German Roach Treatment

German roaches reproduce rapidly and can infest every part of the home, mainly kitchens and bathrooms. While bombs and over the counter products will show little results to rid the issue, our treatment is sure to control such nasty pests. We use a combination of tactics to expel german roaches including baits, dusts, sprays and preventative measures.


Flea Treatment

As one of the most annoying and relentless pests to deal with in and outside your home, fleas can seem to be a never ending issue. Even with the use of pesticide bombs and other remedies found all over the internet, fleas don’t disappear. Our treatments target fleas at the source, with a treatment that includes in the home and in your front and back yards. Not only will we be able to knock down the majority of the infestation on one visit, but we can prevent them from becoming an issue again for some time.


Bed Bug Treatment

One of the most dreaded pest to come across in your home are bed bugs. They cause stress, anxiety and lack of sleep which can hinder your mental state. Unlike a heat treatment, our treatment will not only eliminate the living adults but also break the life cycles of the ones to hatch. We help you sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite, literally!


Yard Treatments

With many different options available, we can help extend the barrier and eliminate extra yard pests. Say so-long to those ant mounds, chiggers, fleas, ticks, spiders, scorpions, beetles and many other pests you don’t want around. We can granule, spray or provide natural/organic solutions depending on your desires.


Borate Treatment

Are you starting construction on a new home, having a renovation project coming up or building your dream she-shed? Borate treatments prevent termites from damaging your home or business. It’s better to be proactive than reactive, with this service you can feel safe from termites appearing in your structure.


Rodent Control

Rats, mice and other rodents are a nuisance and can cause numerous problems in homes and businesses. Whether you’ve been seeing them run around, have found evidence of them or just want to be sure you never see them at all, our experts will offer you the best solutions.


What’s worse than rodents in your home? Snakes! Exclusion work will prevent rodents and reptiles from infiltrating your home and disrupting your daily activities. Whether you know where they are entering from or not, or maybe they haven’t entered yet but you don’t ever want them to, we will locate the entry points and provide a solution to keep the problem from happening! This method of pest control is also a green solution to controlling pests.


Mosquito Fogging

Want to enjoy your outdoor space without pesky mosquitos biting your family? Having an outdoor gathering for a work event, birthday party or social get together? Fogging will reduce the mosquito population for you to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of being bit or worry of contracting a mosquito-borne disease. Effective as a one-time treatment to throw a slap-free event or an add-on to your reoccurring service. 

Wildlife Relocation

Armadillos, opossums, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, you name it, we can handle it! We provide humane solutions for wildlife in the home or outside with trapping, removal and relocating. Wave goodbye to Pepe Le Pew and consorts as they get transferred to a new home with our relocation program.

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